Home Inspection

A residential home inspection is a thorough evaluation of the home to include major systems and structural elements. The findings are detailed in a comprehensive written report.  Reports are typically provided within 24-hours. 

Pre-Sale Inspection

A pre-sale inspection is for sellers who are preparing to sell their home. This inspection will notify the seller of potential issues that may be present; thus allowing the seller to address any issues prior to listing the home.

Pre-Close Inspection

A pre-close inspection is for new construction homes. This inspection will take place before the final walk-through with the builder and will identify potential issues prior to closing. 

Builder Warranty Inspection

A builder warranty inspection is completed near the end of the  builder warranty (typically 12 months). This is a complete evaluation of the home and will identify potential issues to be addressed prior to the end of the builder warranty. 

Pool and Spa Inspection

A pool and spa inspection is a visual inspection of the pool, spa, surrounding decking, equipment, and visible plumbing. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing

An indoor air quality test will identify potential airborne mold that may be present in the home. Air samples are taken from various areas within the home and sent to a laboratory for analysis.  A report addressing findings is issued by the laboratory. 

Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is conducted to check the wind-resistant features of the home. This may provide substantial discounts on your home insurance premiums.

Four-Point Inspection

A four-point inspection is an inspection focusing on the four primary areas of a home: the roof, the electrical, the plumbing, and the HVAC. This inspection is sometimes required by home insurance companies.